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Reception Ballet, Tap, Modern


What's in Melody Bear's bag today?  Maybe she has brought some watering cans and we can skip around the room watering our flowers!  

Or maybe she will bring ribbons to dance with and we can swirl them around and practise our spinning!


Approaching dance through creative and imaginative themes and exercises, introduces children to the fundamental techniques of classical ballet, tap and modern theatre dance in a fun and enjoyable manner.  The structured syllabus aids in developing children's coordination, balance and spatial awareness, whilst developing posture and clarity of movement.  With the presence of Melody and Milligan Bear, classes are both fun and educational and aim to instill a love of dance.

With increased listening skills and the ability to think ahead, children are able to explore more in-depth dance combinations and begin to build a foundation of the fundamental dance steps and techniques required when graduating from the Teddy Toes programme.


Reception Ballet, Tap & Modern (4-5 years)

1 hour

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MONDAY               4.00-5.00pm

Venue -                  Grays Methodist Church Hall, RM17 5LL


SATURDAY           9.30-10.30am

Venue -                  Grays Methodist Church Hall, RM17 5LL

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UNIFORM is compulsary and is available to purchase through the school.  

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